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About Us

Research facilities

The company was founded in 1948 by Joseph Marold, a pioneer in aerial photography. In June of that year, flights of the Denver Metro Area were begun. Until 2005, CAPS obtained yearly coverage of the Denver Front Range and other Colorado areas. The inaugural flight on June 12, 1948 was flown with an AT-6 Texan, a WW II vintage aircraft. This is the plane featured at the top of the web pages. In 1979 Colorado Aerial Photo Service (CAPS) was acquired by John P. Young, current owner and pilot. The company has in its archives over 1 million historic aerial film negatives flown by CAPS and by other aerial photo companies.

Print storage

CAPS' office and research facility is near Federal Blvd. at 2757 W. 2nd Ave, in Denver, CO, where nearly 70,000 contact prints are available for in-house research.