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Product or Service Derived From Film -- ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO REVISION --Please call to confirm -- office: 303-278-3236Cost
Research in film library at CAPS office -- priced per photo flight from our archives of contact prints$12 per photo flight
You give us the description of the site you need researched. We pull photos from our print archives and set those photos aside so you can come in and view them. Usually we have "stereo coverage" so you can view them in 3-D using our stereoscopes. You pay $12 for each flight date of photo coverage we provide from our standard film and contact print library that is reflected in the results of our online search engine on the home page.
SPECIAL RESEARCH PRICING NOTE We are in the process of integrating into our image resources a large "extended library" of film collected over the years by other aerial photo companies around the state. Unfortunately, because that film is not well documented, we cannot do a computer data search of that extended library of film and investigating that film requires extra time-consuming labor. The result that comes up in our website online search of our archives does not reflect possible film coverage in that "extended library." If your project justifies the extra research, we can do a search of that film using the somewhat limited data we do have, but such research includes locating the film, rolling through it on the light table, determining if it is helpful, and then making copies of the film. This extra time and labor must be billed on a case by case basis, so we will have to discuss the costs vs. benefits of that comprehensive research with you.
Digital enlargements scanned from single contact prints (when available and of adequate quality), scaled and cropped, up to 8.5" x 11" equivalent print size, e-mail only $45 - $60 each
Digital enlargements scanned from original single negatives, scaled and cropped, up to 8.5" x 11" (or equivalent) print size, delivery via e-mail, CD or Inkjet print on photo paper, includes photo date, scale and north arrow upon request.
*****When ordered from photos pulled for research$48 - $128 each
*****When ordered without associated research$60 - $140 ea.
Digital 8.5" x 11" digital image file plus paper print$60 - $140 ea. + $10 per print
Darkroom contact prints (silver emulsion) ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE using traditional silver emulsion processes. Only inkjet prints are available.
Darkroom contact prints and stereo pairs (silver emulsion) ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE using traditional silver emulsion processes. Only inkjet prints are available.
FIRST COPY of digital enlargements scanned from original single negatives, larger sizes
11" x 17"$80 to $160
24" x 36"$150 to $300
36" x 36"$185 to $370
40" x 40"$200 to $400
40" x 60"$240 to $480
Additional copies$10 per square foot

The print sizes above are examples, only. CAPS can provide any in-between sizes, priced proportionate to size. Price quotes for other sizes are available upon request. Photo mosaics from multiple frames are also available, priced per individual project.

Please note, our photography is copyrighted. Reproduction in any form, including digital photography of contact prints, is not allowed without written permission from Colorado Aerial Photo Service. A one-year limited license to make reproductions for internal use is included in the cost of the print or digital copy.

Products Derived From Digital Datasets
Prices vary considerably depending on the details of the order. PLEASE CALL and describe your needs and we will research the availability of data and give you a price based on the parameters of the order.
Prints from digital data sets are priced the same as prints from scanned film.
Other Products and ServicesCost
Graphics added: boundaries, shading, labeling$50/hour
Mounting on 3/16" foam board$5.50/sq. ft., $20 minimum
Clear Plastic Laminate$3.50/ sq. ft., $15 minimum
ShippingCurrent Fed-Ex or USPS rates