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Colorado Aerial Photo Service is the premier source of historical aerial photographs in Colorado with a film archive and images from 1937 to the present in some areas. WE NO LONGER DO CUSTOM FLIGHTS. IF YOU NEED AERIAL IMAGERY OF A PROJECT OR AREA YOU ARE WELCOME TO CALL US AND WE CAN REFER YOU TO COMPANIES IN THE LOCAL AREA THAT CAN GIVE YOU A QUOTE ON A CUSTOM AERIAL PHOTO FLIGHT. What we CAN do for you is provide historic aerial images from the past for research. GIVE US A CALL and use our ONLINE SEARCH DATA by clicking on the "Search our photo database" box. Our NEW email address is: PLEASE NOTE: TEMPORARILY CAPS OFFICE HOURS ARE BY APPOINTMENT. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL WITH YOUR REQUEST AND CONTACT INFORMATION AND WE WILL RESPOND PROMPTLY AND SET UP A MEETING IF NECESSARY. Our NEW email address is and our NEW phone number is 303-278-3236

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