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Color Imagery

Most of our historic images are black & white, however we have some color images flown in all the western states. All of the color images must be researched manually because those images are not in our computer-searchable data base. We can provide copies of the latest NAIP color photos of the entire state at resolutions as high as 1-meter pixels. This gives photo quality at about 8 inches/mile... (Half mile radius on an 8.5 x 11-inch print). NAIP images are also available online and are provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

NAIP imagery covers the entire state of Colorado. Using your specifications, we can make custom-cropped and scaled aerial photos from report-size to mural-size, or you can get the image on a CD in digital form with resolution as high as one-meter pixels. NAIP images are very usable -- and affordable -- for many purposes such as sales brochures and over-views of hard-to-find areas. See the Current Price List page for pricing for example sizes. The standard price list is a good guide for routine pictures of limited areas, but large areas and complicated requests must be priced individually. Please call us and describe your project. We can work through the details with you, email an example image, and give you an exact price. High quality color photos of Colorado have never before been this good, this up-to-date, and this inexpensive. We can add colorful graphics such as your company logo. We can label streets, outline or tint areas of interest, and print beautiful enlargements on a photo-quality digital printer -- OR -- you can purchase the digital image and print your own. If you purchase the CD image, we print hard copies for a reduced flat rate...See the "Additional Copies" price on the Current Price List